Sunday, 23 December 2012

Ship Gananoque - "The Voyages of the Gananoque"

I have just finished writing a book on the ship Gananoque which travelled to Lyttelton in 1860, Auckland in 1861, Port Chalmers in 1863 with immigrants on board, and a cargo trip to Port of Bluff in 1864.The title of the book is "The Voyages of the Gananoque - New Zealand Immigration Ship 1860 - 1864."

It is available for sale now on Amazon UK and USA, but the cheapest way for New Zealanders to buy it is on Trade Me.   I'm selling out of my last few cheaper copies on Trade Me so be QUICK!

This book covers all four journeys to New Zealand with maps of where they travelled, passenger biographies and what happened to some of the passengers after arrival.  It is a great read for those with ancestors on board, or just a general love of NZ history. 

The blurb on the back of the book is as follows:

"The Gananoque was a fine immigration ship that brought hundreds of passengers to New Zealand in the 1860s. From onboard flirtations and rat and maggot pea soup, to the devastation of a lost crew member, this is a fascinating account of the ship's voyages.

This insightful book covers all four journeys with a never before seen partial passenger list for the journey to Port Chalmers in 1863. It also includes biographies of Gananoque passengers and quotes from Alfred William Craymer's diary, a wonderfully funny and entertaining ship's diary."


Part of the passenger lists for all three journeys are below.  Check to see if your ancestor was on board and then buy the book for more details!  The list for the Port Chalmers journey was done from Alfred William Craymer's diary and in the book are details about what was said about the passengers by Alfred.  Some of these comments are hilarious and tell a lot about the person's appearance and personality.
Passengers 1860
Surname Given Name Age
Morris Archibald
Brown John Ansell
Mellars George Frederick
Chief Cabin
Bilton Mr. J.
Congreve Mr. W.
Ferguson Mr. J. D.
Goodrich Mr. W. W.
Karslake Mr. J. K.
Knyvett Mr. C. F.
Knyvett Mr. H.
Lenton Mr. H.
Lloyd Mr. J. H.
Powell Mr R.
Selfe Mr. J.
Spooner Mr. G.
Sprot Mr. M.
Tucker Mr. E.
Walker Mr. W.
Wilson Mr. R.
Williams Mr. H.
Second Cabin
Davis Mr.
Deresham Mr.
Dyer Mr.
Hogg Mr.
Pinwill Mr.
Scully Mr. W.
Woodforde Mr.
Paying Steerage
Amor Richard
Ayres A.
Cussell J.
Denman J.
Deresham Mary
Kirtzell Charles
Lorrimer W.
Petrie R.
Pope F. B.
Robertson Jeannie
Scully Maria
Smith F.
Stevenson John
Straitton J.
Stringer J.
Government Immigrants
Married Couples
Binnie John 36
Elizabeth 24
Breakwell John 23
Ellen 20
Burrows Henry 23
Elizabeth 23
William Henry 5
Cairncross Daniel 31
Agnes 27
Agnes 8
George 5
John 3
David 1
Campbell Arthur 28
Margaret 27
Alexander 7
Hannah 5
Card William 23
Elizabeth 24
Crooks Robert 22
Elizabeth 28
Feather James 35
Elizabeth 32
Edwin 9
Emily 6
Ann Amelia 2
Forgan James 38
Isabella 21
Fuller Julius 34
Maria 31
Gibson Samuel 23
Martha 25
Green Samuel 31
Susan 31
Hay David 26
Margaret 26
Hughes Bartholomew Joseph 31
Emma 29
Humm William 22
Eliza 20
James 2
George Infant
Kitchingham Jabez Richard 42
Jane Thomazina 41
Emma 11
Jane 10
Ann 8
Eliza 6
Sarah 3
Henry 1
Lovsey (Lovesay) Emma 22
Newnham Emma 43
McKenzie James 33
Elizabeth 33
Alexander 11
James 9
Milne Alexander 23
Charlotte 28
John 3
David Infant
Peagram Charles John  35 28
Ann 41
Charles 13
Edward 11
Mary Ann 8
Emma 6
Pepper Andrew 24
Rachael 23
William John 2
Perrin John 31
Elizabeth 33
Joseph Herd 13
William Henry 7
John 6
Robert William 37
Lucy Durell 34
Lucy 14
Angelina 13
Walter 10
William 6
Louisa 2
Robertson Duncan 21
Isabella 21
John Infant
Rosengrave Thomas 25
Ann 29
Thomas 11
Ann 10
Eliza 8
Jeremiah 7
Martin 5
Maria 3
Margaret Infant
Ryan Thomas 31
Ann 32
Robert 2
Sands George William 28
Ruth 28
Sloan John 27
Catherine 23
William 9 mths
Street Arthur 23
Louisa 23
Thompson Richard 27
Jane 27
Andrew 2 ½
William Infant
Single Men
Atkinson Thomas 22
Brann John Henry 23
Birnie James 25
Boycott William 24
Boycott Richard 20
Cooper William 27
Crampton George 16
Douglas James 19
Gabby William 21
Herd Joseph 13
Heron David 22
Heron John 21
Kerr John 18
Kidd James 54
Kidd James 24
Kidd Agnes 20
Kidd Joshua 17
Kidd Elizabeth  12
Kidd Alexander 10
Leatherdale George 30
Leatherdale Eliza 18
Lomas John 23
McNiely Hamilton 21
Ogilvie John 20
Osborn David 21
Peagram John 28
Peagram Charles 13
Petrie Alexander 26
Shaw James 30
Stewart Archibald 27
Stewart John 18
Strong Patrick 24
Trail William 23
Tobin Edward 25
Tobin Margaret 23
Tooker Lawrence 29
Walls Francis 23
Wellwood Joseph 25
Single Women
Abeams Ann 24
Barrett Jane 20
Brown Sarah Winfield 27
Canty Agnes 22
Dunlop Jane 28
Dunlop Margaret 22
Gabby Sabina 23
Gohey Mary 18
Heron Sarah 20
Jenkins Rosanna 15
Kidd Elizabeth 12
Leatherdale Eliza 18
Lovsey (Lovesay) Emma 22
Macdonald Sarah 24
Macdonald Kate 19
Martin Mary 20
McGee Catherine 29
McGee Isabella 18 mths
Newham Emma 14
Peck Hannah 28
Peck John Walter 2
Reddall Marianne 14
Robert Lucy 14
Robert Angelina 13
Robertson Jane 24
Robertson Janet 26
Robertson Infant
Stewart Mary 24
Thomson Isabella 20
Tobin Margaret 23
Warren Ellen 27
Williams Emily 26
Worsford Eliza 29
Passengers 1861
Surname Given Name
Nixon William Thomas
Cridges Mr.
Government Immigrants
Boyle Thos.
Bruce Robert
Bryce William
Buchanan John
Margaret R.
Buchanan Edward
Butcher William
Chamberlin George
Clark Jos.
Coote Miss.
Crow Thos.
Devine W.
Eaton Frederick
Edmiston James
Fenton John
Ferguson Alexander
Fitzgerald Martin
Galbraith David
Gruther Robt. M.
Hall Mary
Hall Thos.
Hamilton James
Hardwood Isabella
Hart Mr.
Hay John
Horner G.
Hustwick Chas.
Leslie W.
Lloyd Thos.
Lodge William F.
McAlister Patrick
Wm. B.
Bethia D.
Ellen P.
Mary Ann
McKay Wm.
McNeil Robt.
Moylan Patrick
Nathan David
Miss S.
Miss E.
Mr Laurence
Nathan Lewis
Newman Dennis
North Chas.
Potts John
Rome George
Ryan John (1)
Ryan John (2)
Sinclair Catherine
Smellie Agnes R.
Somerville David
Stack Lieut.
Stevens Andrew
Stickbury Jas.
Stokes Robt. Y.
Swift John
Tait Alex.
Thompson Robt.
Walton Wm.
Watkins F.
Watts Thos.
Wells Abraham
Wintle Alfred
Wylie W.
Young Robt. H.

Passengers 1863
Surname Given Name
Ritchie D 
? ?
Corse ?
Accrington Mr
Allen Jack
? Boatswain
? Cook
First Cabin Passengers
Fraser Mr
Fraser Miss
Second Cabin and Steerage Passengers
Caird Mr George
Collier Mr
Craig Jim (James)
Craig Andrew
Craymer Alfred William
Escott Mr
Faris Johnny
Gellatly William
Grinean Mrs or Miss
Grist Mrs
Hawke Mr
Lawton Mr.
Mitchell Mr
Morgan Mr
Paterson Mr
Richmond Mr. George
Richmond Mr. (possibly Fred)
Savage Mr.
Stewart Mr
Stott Mr (Joseph Ebenezer)
Trustram Mr.
Watters Mr
West Mr.
Single Women
Coleman Mary
Hogan Helen
Irish Girls
Smith Mary Ann
Taylor Jessie
Wade Alice
Welsh Maggie