Monday, 17 February 2014

Camp Bay Cemetery Records, Banks Peninsula

For those of you who don't know, Camp Bay is near Purau Bay in Lyttelton Harbour and was used as a quarantine camp for ships for many years.  I have currently been hunting for the cemetery records.  My first port of call was the Christchurch City Libraries, but they don't have them.  They put me onto the Christchurch City Council but they didn't have them.  CCC put me on to the Department of Conservation as they run the reserve which contains the cemetery at Camp Bay but they don't seem to have them.  I then finally found a record of a microfisch held by the NZ Society of Genealogists and have yet to go and check that out.  It is held in a library not far from me, but I have to make a special trip to view it.  I'm not sure what is in this list however since reading Mary Staplyton-Smith's amazing book on Camp Bay, "The Other End of the Harbour."  In this book she states that she too tried to find records but none could be found.  She made her own small list of people but it was far from the 73 to 74 burials that a local man could remember being in the cemetery.  How this man knew this fact is unknown.

Anyway, I have started my own list of people who were possibly buried at this cemetery, from other records I have found in Archives New Zealand and Paperspast, for example.  Mary never would have had access to these records and instead would have spent many hours looking through old newspapers. She was researching before the Internet! Amazing!

If anyone else has found a record recording a definite or possible burial at Camp Bay and wishes to add their ancestors to the list, please let me know.  Hopefully, with some help we can build up a reasonable list.  Please note this is a work in progress.

Definite Confirmed Burials at Camp Bay

Hathaway - a 2 month old infant, son of David and Milborough Hathaway.  Born on the ship Brother's Pride on 3 October 1863,  died 16 December 1863 at Camp Bay Quarantine station. Archives NZ Chch Office R22193437

Trigg - a six week old infant, son of Absalom and Hannah (Anna) Trigg.  Born on the ship Brother's Pride on 11 November 1863 (one of boy twins), died 23 December 1863 at Camp Bay Quarantine Station.  Archives NZ Chch Office R22193437

Possibly two others from the Brother's Pride - Names unknown

Assistant Cook of the ship Marlborough died of consumption on 16 December 1878 and was buried at Camp Bay on 17 December 1878.

Man from the White Rose  died of dysentery while on Ripa Island and was bured at Camp Bay Cemetery on 26 July 1875.

Infant from the ship White Rose was born on Ripa Island and died on the island 36 hours after birth.  Was buried at Camp bay on 26 July 1875.

Possible burials at Camp Bay, but no proof:

Ann Austin died in about September 1863 possibly after arriving on the ship Captain Cook and was likely buried at Camp Bay but this is unproven and there is no documented evidence.  For more information on the terrible experiences of the passengers of the Captain Cook click here.

Molley, an immigrant, died in quarantine today (25 March 1880)

Christchurch, October 17. William Hosking, laborer, employed at Ripa Island fortifications, died last night from injuries received tlirough a fall of earth on Thursday last.

Thomas Biggs, aged 28, immigrant from the Northampton who fell down a 30 ft cliff at Camp Bay and died of head injuries on.  Inquest was held at Lyttelton, so he is likely buried there, instead of at Camp Bay.

Lily Payne, aged 5 years old, who arrived by the Westland, died at Ripa Island of measles on 24 February 1880.

Mary Staplyton-Smith's list from her book "The Other End of the Harbour"

In 1873 (died at Ripapa Island and probably buried at Camp Bay as not buried elsewhere, however not fully proven!)

Johannes Petersen (5 1/2)
Sara Grieg (22)
Mathias Hansen (38)
Matilda Furgusson (17)
Catherine Prebensen (6 months)
Rebecca Furgusson (43)
Another female unnamed
Ellen Hayes (15)
Mary Cochrane (74)
James Berry.
Eva Maria Christiansen
Harriet Horton
James Jansen
Alice Pretty Atkins
Ernest Napier

Amy Fergusson, aged 24, dead of Enteric fever. (from Births, Deaths and marriages in Chch)

Barnes brothers (from a gravestone inscription that was remembered)
Miss Tullock (from relatives who say she is buried at Camp Bay)


  1. This is a really important list Bel. Great work!
    Australian newspapers may also be a source for names.
    I used "camp bay" and "new zealand" as search terms and there were 83 hits, some giving graphic accounts of the suffering at Camp Bay.

    1. Thanks Jenny, this is a great help to me. I never thought of looking on Trove. I didn't think that the Australian newspapers would have anything about Camp Bay, so this is great. I'll add to this post as I find things in Trove. Thanks again. Bel.