Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Grand Tour of Rotorua

In the 1920s my Great Grandfather Cyril Pearce went on a grand tour of Rotorua with his brother Willy Pearce.  The following are some photos from the trip.  I am not sure who the lady is with them in the tartan skirt.  Maybe she was their tour guide.  They toured in suits and ties and hats, which was everyday gear in those days.  The last photo may be Waitomo, rather than Rotorua as it looks like they are sitting in the entrance of a cave.  Cyril and Willy are the two men right at the front in trench coats.  If anyone can shed light on this I'd love to hear from you.

Cyril & William at Rotorua EDITED
Cyril, possibly a tour guide and Willy, Rotorua, 1920s
Willy, Cyril, and a bunch of other people!  Rotorua, 1920s.
Cyril & Willy at Rotorua Waitomo Caves?  Not sure about this.  Cyril and Willy are sitting in the front in trench coats.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Rabbit Shooting at the Waimak

My great great Grandfather Arthur James Pearce and his sons Arthur Cyril Pearce (known as Cyril) and William Pearce would all go rabbit shooting at the Waimakariri River, Canterbury, New Zealand.  Here are some pictures of them from our family collection in their suits and ties.  It makes me laugh that men used to dress up to go shooting, but that was the way it was in the 1920s when these photos were taken.

They took their pet ferret with them as well as Laddy the dog, to help flush out rabbits from their holes.  Rabbits appeared to be plentiful in the dry Canterbury conditions in the 1920s, judging by the piles of animals they have shot.  These would have been a important source of food for the large Pearce family.

We think these rabbit hunting photos are taken somewhere near the Waimakariri River, although I can't see the river itself in the photos.

Cyril & Arthur James Pearce rabbit hunting

Arthur Cyril Pearce on the left and Arthur James Pearce his father on the right, with ferret and Laddy the dog.

Athur James & Cyril Pearce rabbit hunting

Arthur James and Arthur Cyril Pearce.
 Arthur James Pearce shooting rabbits
Arthur James Pearce and rifle Arthur James Pearce and rabbits

Arthur James Pearce and his billy tea. And I spot a bottle of beer behind him. Sneaky!! Arthur James Pearce & Laddy
 Arthur James Pearce and Laddy Arthur James & Willy Pearce rabbit hunting

Arthur James Pearce and William (Willy) Pearce with the spade for digging out the rabbit holes.Arthur & William Pearce rabbit hunting
Arthur James Pearce and William Pearce. Not sure what they are doing here exactly.
Willy & Arthur James Pearce rabbit hunting EDITED

Willy and Arthur James Pearce and Laddy.

Willy Pearce & the ferret

Willy and the ferret

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Auntie Anderton's Funeral Card

Auntie Anderton (Sarah Ellen Anderton nee Spencer) died on 22 March 1912.  Her funeral card was in my Great Grandma's possessions.  She is buried in Courtenay Cemetery, attached to St Matthew's Anglican church.

47_Sarah Ellen Anderton_funeral card