Friday, 27 July 2012

Water Race Map for Courtenay 1881

The following image is courtesy of F. Wilson who took the photo after a visit to the Selwyn District Council.  It is a photo of a water race map from 1881 and shows who owned or ran the farms at the time in the Courtenay area.  Jabez Lord farmed Rural section 6705 and 7501 and also 6291 across from the St Matthew's Church, Courtenay.

Thomas and Sarah Ellen Anderton farmed rural section 9216 on the corner of what is now called Old West Coast Road and Intake Road.

Other names on the map are Orr, Henderson, Guiney, R. Tosswill, Roper, Turner, Whyte, A. Davis, McLennan and Smith.

Water Race Map 1881


  1. I am seeking information about Halkett 1860-1880 titles and names of early settlers. The Christchurch Public Library and the Archives lost these In the earthquakes. I have photos of school from all jubilees also Church photos. I would like to know where this water race map is from, and would like a copy if possible. Please contact me - Euan Henderson 033134846. Thank you

  2. Thanks for your message Euan. You may have to visit the Selwyn District Council Offices for this map. The lady who gave it to me said she obtained it from there. I guess you should ring them first to find out if they still have it and where exactly it is situated. It was a water race map, so this might jog their memory. Also if you want to look up deeds etc, I suggest the Canterbury Museum. Someone did a lot of recording of land parcels and who owned them way back. I can't remember the name of the document but if you email them they will know instantly what I'm referring to. You need to book a research session as their document centre is closed after the earthquakes. The waiting list last time I went was 3 months!!! Basically researching in Chch has changed since the earthquakes. I can't believe that Archives NZ hasn't got the deeds either. They have most of the deeds for Canterbury now and you can go in there and ask them. Maybe they don't have Selwyn as you say. Again, it is hard to find information on deeds so far back from these records. You often have to work your way forward to find exactly where the land parcel was located as often there are no roads recorded. Then If you want more information on Halkett there is a great book on Courtenay which also mentions Halkett a lot. There are maps in there of Courtenay but it crosses over a little bit into Kirwee/Halkett. It is by Vera McLennan. Actually she has two books on the area. Please email me on the address on the right hand side of this blog. Just replace the "at" with a proper @ symbol. (I"m trying to avoid spam). Let me know exactlay what you are after and I may be able to help with some information I have here! Bel