Friday, 12 October 2012

Update on my ship books!

I am currently writing a book entitled "The Clipper Ship Sebastopol - New Zealand Immigration Ship 1861-1863"  The blurb is as follows:
"The Sebastopol was a fine clipper ship that made two voyages from London, England to Lyttelton, New Zealand loaded with immigrants for the Provincial Government.  From voyages of cargo and Chinese passengers, to the suicide of a ships surgeon, the Sebastopol has an interesting past.  Extensive research has uncovered the ship's final demise after leaving New Zealand in 1863, which ended its short career. 

This is the first time the full story of the Sebastopol has been told, with the most accurate passenger lists available for the Sebastopol journeys."

The book is now available.  Click here to purchase your own copy!

My next book which won't take too long to write is the "Gananoque" which will be ready early next year sometime.  After that I am working on the "Brother's Pride" and have a list of shipsto research after that even!!!

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