Sunday, 14 July 2013

The clipper ship Lancashire Witch: New Zealand Immigration Ship 1856-1867

The clipper Ship Lancashire Witch is the subject of my book entitled "The Lancashre Witch: New Zealand Immigration Ship 1856-1867".   See the blurb below for more information:

"The clipper ship Lancashire Witch was a very large, fine vessel which ferried four loads of immigrants to New Zealand.  The "Witch" made two journeys to the Port of Lyttelton and two to the North Island, leaving many amazing stories in its wake.  Waves like mountains, frightening snow and hail, and 28 tragic deaths.  "Truly this is an ill-fated ship," wrote diarist David Carr.

Using ship diaries, and official documentation, the fascinating story of the Lancashire Witch has been retold.  It includes passenger biographies and the fate of the ship's own "Lancashire Witch," possibly the most hopeless female immigrant to ever land in New Zealand."

I have covered the Lancashire Witch journeys from 1856, 1863, 1865 and 1867.  There is a lot of information already on the Internet, but this is a well formatted and coherant story of the ship that takes all records available, plus extra research on my part, to make a complete and, what I think is a fascinating story.  A great thing to have in your bookshelf to show friends and relations, and well priced.

It is now available on Amazon and other sources.  Just type in "Lancashire Witch" and it will come up!  I am also nearly sold out of cheaper copies of Trade Me.  Please be quick.

Here is my new book cover.  The image of the Lancashire Witch is by Thomas Dutton. The Lancashire Witch image is available as a print from NZ Fine Prints |   Click here to go straight to the image.
Lancashire Witch Shop Cover

The Lancashire Witch, ship, 1574 tons or 1383 tons to 1386 tons, depending which record you look at. 


  1. Do you have any Day's, Edsal' s or Garvey' s on the passenger list for the 1856 voyage?

    1. Hi Kiwi. I have Martin Day and Thomas Garvey on the list. No Edsel's although the list is incomplete. There wasn't a full list for that voyage. The 1856 voyage has not a great deal of information, but it is interesting, and I've done a map for it too, showing the voyage route and a couple of events. It is quite interesting. There is also a lot about ship life in general if you read about the other journeys the Lancashire Witch made. If you want to buy a copy I have one on Trade Me at the moment.