Saturday, 26 October 2013

Beautiful Ada and Hinga!

My Great Grandma and her sister May had two friends from their childhood in Ohoka.  Their names were Ada and Hinga Ropu.  I can not find where they were born, only the record of their burial in Sydenham Cemetery, Christchurch.  They likely met my Great Grandma, Dorothy, and her sister through either the Tuahiwi Church or Te Waipounamu school for girls in Ohoka.  Maybe they went to both places?

In adult life they apparently lived in a small house near Hagley College and Hagley Park, Christchurch and never married.  The photos we have of them are glamorous and they were truly beautiful.  They apparently often wore furs and beautiful clothes.

Ada Rahara Ropu was born 1897 and died 31 December 1941 aged 44, spinster.
Rangihau Hinga Te Ropu was born about 1900 and died 31 May 1973 aged 73, spinster.

They are also buried in Sydenham Cemetery with possibly a brother:
Thomas Te Ropu Ropu born about 1900 and died 14 June 1960 aged 60, shearer.

The following photos are the kinds that people used to give to friends and family at Christmas with a small greeting written on the corner.  These ladies had natural classic style and even today it is still timeless! They are some of my favourite photos from our family collection. The first photo is of glamorous Hinga Ropu and the other four photos are of beautiful Ada Ropu.

Hinga Ropu

 Ada Ropu 3Ada Ropu2Ada Ropu4

Ada Ropu


  1. Beautiful photos. I'm afraid I won;t be leaving behind any glamorous photos of myslef. !

  2. Oh my yes, she is quite lovely. Those flowers are so beautiful too. Ada was quite popular back in the day I believe, it was my grandmother's name!

  3. The different portraits are all so great to see. They each are a story in themselves.

  4. I'm going to the races in a couple of weeks so will have to get a photo of me all dressed up to match these ones! I'm waiting for the name Ada to come back in fashion as it is really nice. Ava is back and Ada is probably only a few years away! I've even heard that Ethel is being used now. I always said it would be a sad day whe Ethel and Maude came back in fashion!