Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ancestral Journeys of New Zealand Series

Just letting everyone know about this great series of books on immigrant ships.  For more information please click on the link below to see the website for these.  

There are now 6 titles in this series on the following ships:  Clontarf, Sebastopol, Gananoque, Glentanner, Brother's Pride and soon to be released Lancashire Witch.

The books are available for purchase on Trade Me for NZ customers (the cheapest way to purchase) or on Amazon if you are overseas.  They go into great detail about the journeys out and often tell stories of individuals and what they went through.  They are thoroughly researched and well presented books.  Buying these books helps us to do more research and get more books written. 


  1. Hi Belinda

    I was so excited getting my copy of your book on the Bahia and Brother's Pride that I spent that afternoon reading it. It is well researched and very informative, and gave me a huge appreciation for the challenges our ancestors faced making the long and dangerous journey to New Zealand.

    Our family legends state that my newly married great great grandparents were on The Brother's Pride, and after reading your book, I am grateful that they survived the journey and were able to establish a new life here to raise and give great opportunities to their own children, which has been passed onto the generations that follow.

    Thank you for putting in the hard work required to research and write this book. I'll look forward to reading more of your Ancestral Journeys of New Zealand series.

    Kind regards

    Deb Donnell

  2. Thanks Deb for your lovely comments! Much appreciated!

  3. Well done Belinda, I was so impressed with the length's you had gone to to procure such a vast amount of information on so many families and the details of our ancestors voyages on these ships. I own three of these books now and they really opened my eyes to the joys and hardships that our families went through to start a new life in New Zealand. I'm looking forward to reading many more of your books in the future, so please keep up the good work!
    Kind regards,
    Aaron May
    Family Historian

  4. Thanks Aaron, I really appreciate your kind comments - it is a real boost and they encourage me to write more books! Bel