Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The ship Cashmere: New Zealand Immigration Ship 1851-1863

Please buy my new book on the ship Cashmere which had many journeys to New Zealand filled with immigrants.  The book is available on Amazon or for Kiwis the cheapest way is to search for it on trademe where it will be available until all my copies are sold out.  I have spent many hours researching this ship and I'm sure the stories and diaries I have summarised will give you an interesting read.

The story of the ship Cashmere:

"The Cashmere was a fine clipper ship of 640 tons, a preferred vessel for travel from England to New Zealand in the 1850s.  She delivered many immigrants safely to Auckland, Lyttelton, Port Chalmers and Nelson from the Motherland.  During her career, the Cashmere came across undiscovered islands and left tragic and interesting stories in her wake.

Using ship diaries, official documents and newspapers of the day, the story of the Cashmere has now been told in full.  Includes passenger lists and passenger biographies and uncovers what it was like to travel on an immigrant ship."

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