Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sepia Saturday 250: A hand coloured photo which led to finding old autographs!

Ok, so I'm late late late!  I decided to post this anyway as it was a nice circular story.

In a previous Sepia Saturday (click here for more stories) I have talked about how I managed to name a whole lot of photos in my old albums due to an email from someone wanting help on their family.  One of these photos was a nice hand coloured one of Clara Elizabeth Baker (known as Lizzie Baker).  She was a very pretty woman.  One of the themes for this week was hand colouring and this has been ever so slightly hand coloured in the cheek area and maybe elsewhere as well!

Anyway, through one of the Baker family contacting me, I have received these beautiful autographs from my Great Grandma (who this blog is named after) Dorothy Wingfield Lord and her sister Elise May Lord (known as May).

They did little paintings and wrote beautiful little sayings that they knew.  Or did they copy these from a book they had?  I'm not quite sure how old autographs worked.  If anyone can comment below on the old hobby of collecting autographs, I would really appreciate it.

Anyway, I received these in the post on a day I had been trying out my new camera.  I had been taking lots of photos of forget-me-nots in my garden.  And what was written about and painted by May Lord all those years ago?  Forget-me-nots!  I was blown away by the coincidence!

So from a hand tinted sepia photo we jump 100 years to a colour photo taken on a modern mirrorless camera, wth a lot of sychronicity along the way!

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