Sunday, 13 April 2014

Kate and William visit Christchurch, New Zealand

I know this is a family history blog, but I just couldn't resist posting the photos I took today of William and Kate on the visit to the Airforce Museum.

I was determined to see them today as I missed seeing the Queen properly back in 1986.  I was about ten years old and was waiting patiently with my Mum outside the Christchurch Museum.  I was so excited when the black car came around the corner of Worcester Blvd and into the main gates of the Botanic Gardens, right near us.  But then disaster struck.  A woman mooned the Queen just down from us.  I never saw it as my Mum shielded me from the terrible event.  The Queen must have seen it was going to happen and turned her head away.  She was on the side of the car nearest me, but all I saw was the back of her head.

Anyway, now I have seen her grandson William and the gorgeous Kate, looking radient in her beautiful red suit.  It was worth standing in the cold to see them.  Now I can forget the day I was cheated back in 1986!

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