Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Unknown People from a German Photo album

The following photos are from an old German photo album that I own. When I say old, I mean an album dating from about the 1860s approximately. It is likely that it came out on the ship Sebastopol to New Zealand in 1863. I know it is German as it has come apart after its 150 odd years of use and inside some German newsprint was visible. Here are some of the photos inside. My ancestors were Elise and Karl Meng from Germany. Karl also had a second wife Sarah Winfield Meng, formerly Potts, nee Brown. So some of her photos are in there too, mainly ones sent from England. Their friends and family would have included the following family names such as Ellenberger, Griebel, Findt, Seyb, Kissel, Schneider. Also people from the areas of Kindenheim, Hohen-Sulzen and Friedelsheim, Germany. Also from the districts of Tuahiwi, Rangiora and Ohoka as well as possibly the Courtenay area where Sarah Winfield Meng lived for many years. Then if you take into account the people who have owned it over the years, there was my great great grandmother Mary Lord, nee Meng who may have stuck her own photos in there as well. It gets rather confusing. If anyone recognises any faces here as belonging to your family please let me know. My ancestors never named any photos and it has been a real challenge to name even a few of them.

The girl with the sailor style dress on has now been named as Clara Elizabeth Harris who married Thomas Baker!

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