Saturday, 14 June 2014

The John Temperley: New Zealand Immigration Ship 1865-1866

Please buy my book on the ship John Temperley which is now published and ready to go.  It is called "The John Temperley:  New Zealand Immigration Ship 1865-1866," published by Rock Your Boat Publishing.

The story of the John Temperley:

"Of the female immigrants, “ten were prostitutes and four ballet dancers.”

"The scandalous newspaper reports told of wild single women on board the immigrant ship John Temperley.  But what really happened on the voyage?  Were the women named as “prostitutes” and “ballet dancers” really that bad?"

"This book explores the John Temperley’s journey to Auckland in 1865 and the notorious voyage to Lyttelton in 1866, using first hand accounts and official documents.  It delves into the lives of the single women on board and uncovers the joys, sadness and tragedies of their lives."

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