Wednesday, 11 June 2014

The Ship Zealandia: Immigration Ship 1869-1902

Our new book is called: "Shaw, Savill & Albion Co.'s Zealandia: Immigration Ship 1869-1902" by Marolyn Diver and Belinda Lansley.

It is finished and is available on Trade Me right now (July 2014).  If you live overseas it is available on Amazon in your respective country.  Please buy it to find out more about your ancestral ship!  There are details of the journeys inside, passenger lists and biographies, and what it was like to travel on the Zealandia.  When you buy our books it helps us to research, write and fund more of these books, thereby preserving New Zealand history in print.

The blurb for our book is:

"Over the span of 34 years Zealandia successfully ferried over 4000 immigrants, tourist and gentry alike to New Zealands fair shores. With 32 voyages completed she was one of Shaw, Savill & Co.'s most successful immigration ships. But her career was by no means spotless. Launched under the dark cloud of scandal and rumour caused by rival shipping companies, her long successful career was marred by two major tragedies. A fatal collision with the ship Ellen Lamb, and the tragic death of a well respected Captain during a hurricane. 

With the help of shipboard diaries, descendants information and written first hand accounts, the majestic and loyal Zealandia's story is restored and brought back to life."

NOTE:  Please make sure you have the correct ship before buying as we can't give refunds.  There was another ship called Zealandia which ran from 1858 to 1867.   We have not written about this ship, only the later ship which ran from 1869 -1902.

Here is the beautiful and elegant cover design by Strawberrymouse.

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