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The Coggin Family

Jabez’s father, James Lord married Rachel Coggin  from Sowerby, Halifax, West Yorkshire. One day I received an email from a Sarah Coggin who had researched this tree.  Thanks very much to Sarah for this information!

John Coggin (Abt. 1697  -  1736)

John Coggin is the first Coggin ancestor that we know about.  He was born about 1697 and died in 1736 in Sowerby, Yorkshire.  On his death his body was snatched “the sexton being in league with the resurrectionists and anatomised into a skeleton”  He married Martha Longbotham in 1721 at Sowerby.  Following the death of her husband she received poor relief in 1739, 1740, 1743 and 1744

Their children were:

Charles Coggin (1724  -  ?)
Betty Coggin (1727  -  ?)
John Coggin (1729  -  ?)
John Coggin (1731?  -  ?)
George Coggin (22-03-1736  -  23-09-1800)
Martha Coggin (01-01-1733  -  ?)

George Coggin  (22-03-1736  -  23-09-1800)

George Coggin married Mary Hasboldostony (Hasboldestoney or Hasbotdestoney - where this name comes from is anybody's guess!) (for some reason I also had the wife down as Mary Chester) on 15-05-1758.  George was a shoemaker at the time.  In the 1763 Survey of inhabitants of Sowerby, George was a weaver living in Snape Wood Cottage, Dob Lane, Sowerby.  The cottage is still standing (see photos on page 43).

Their children were:

Eli Coggin (04-03-1759  -  ?)
John Coggin (1761  -  04-01-1762) 
Charles Coggin (1766  -  15-06-1841)
William Coggin (1769  -  20-11-1773) 

John, Charles and William are all buried in the Coggin grave 272 at the ‘old graveyard’ at Sowerby near Halifax, Yorkshire.

Charles Coggin (1766  -  15-06-1841)

Charles Coggin was a weaver and married Sarah Cockcroft (born 1768 died 01-05-1825).  Charles died aged 75 years old. Their children were:

Susey Coggin
John Coggin (1797  -  ?)
Mary Coggin (1799  -  04-05-1810)
William Coggin (1801  -  ?)
Sarah Coggin (26-06-1803  -  ?)
Charles Coggin (22-01-1806  -  ?)
Helen Coggin (1808  -  ?)
Rachel Coggin (04-06-1811  -  08-10-1850)

All the children were born/christened in the Sowerby area and Mary Coggin is buried in the ‘old cemetery’ at Sowerby.  

Sowerby was in the parish of Halifax.  At Sowerby there used to be a Castle and there was a piece of land called Hell Croft where the death were probably buried.  The Castle was definitely around in the era of Kind Edward II who reigned from 1307 to 1327.

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