Saturday, 19 May 2012

The Fogden Family Part One

This information has been obtained from various websites on the Fogden family in England.  Here is one of the exceptional websites on this family:

My family connection to the Fogden family is through Jane Fogden who married William Pearce.

Jane Fogden (Abt. 1831   -  17 –10-1869)

Jane Fogden was the daughter of Stephen Fogden, a customs officer from Bermondsey, Surrey, England.  Her mother was Eliza (Lizzy) Heath, daughter of John Heath and Grace.  Children of Stephen and Eliza that we know of  are:

Stephen Fogden      (Abt. 10-1818 Chichester      -          Bef. 1837)
Mary Ann Fogden (Abt. 04-1821 Chichester - ?)
Sarah Jane Fogden (27-04-1823 - ?)
Emma Louisa Fogden (25-07-1825 -  ?)
Jane Fogden (Abt. 1831 - 17-10-1869)

Jane died at the age of 38 of inflammation of lungs, and is buried in Barbadoes Street Cemetery with her daughter Mary Ann Glanville (née Pearce) who died 15-08-1898 aged 40.  See the next blog on the Fogden ancestors.

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