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Jabez Lord’s Siblings Who Came to NZ

William Lord ( 02-10-1840  -  01-05-1922)

William Lord,  a younger brother of Jabez, was a labourer from Yorkshire. William married Ellen Chisman on 24-08-1861 at Bradford, Yorkshire in England.   

Below is a photo of his wife Ellen with son William II and one of William with his son William II.

William sailed to Lyttelton at age 20 aboard the Sebastopol leaving England on 20-09-1861 and arriving at Lyttelton on 14-12-1861, a trip of 93 days at sea.  The Sebastopol was 992 tonnes and was commanded by Captain Fraser.  Jabez Lord and Thomas Milner sponsored William to New Zealand.  

William went into business with James Carter and ran a fruiterers and fishmongers called Messrs Carter and Lord which was situated on Colombo Street.  They were burgled and it was reported in the Press on 26 August 1863 where the thief "succeeded in "making" a selection of preserves and similar articles," the thief not being caught.  The next report we read was from the Press dated 1 Sept 1863 where a thief Richard Cooper Roud was fully committed for trial for stealing several tins of oysters, tins of lobsters, boxes of sardines and a quantity of apples and oranges totalling 4 pounds.

Carter and Lord decided to disolve their partnership in 1863.

9 Oct 1863 Carter and Lord Fruiterers and Fishmongers  

The following article was in the Lyttelton Times on 30 March 1865, suggesting that the business didn't go that well for the two men.

"March 28. (Before W. Donald, Esq., R.M.) The business of the Court this morning was confined to hearing civil cases. The following was the only one of public interest: Hargreaves and Co. vs. Carter—Claim for £46 13s 4d, balance on account of bill overdue and goods supplied. Mr. Oakes appeared for defendant. From the evidence tendered, it appeared that the late firm of Carter and Lord had been in the habit of transacting business with Messrs. Hargreaves and Co. up to the time of the dissolution of partnership, 18 months ago. Lord had undertaken to pay all claims due by the estate; the acceptance, in the first instance, was for £108 8s 9d but Mr. Carter was the party sued now for the balance due on the bill and current account; £85 had been received, part of it was on account of bill and current account. Mr. Lord, defendant's late partner, stated that all the moneys paid were on account of the overdue bill; he understood from Mr. W. Hargreaves that the money for the bill should be paid first, and the account left to stand over. Defendant's solicitor contended that the plaintiff should be nonsuited, because he had merged the two causes of action into one, and that the goods being ordered in Christchurch, the case should have been determined there. The Resident Magistrate said it was not a case for a non-suit, and on further examination of the witnesses, it was proved that the goods had to be carted to Christchurch at the expense of the purchasers. The Court gave judgment for £19 7s for balance due on acceptance, and recommended plaintiffs to bring an action for the balance of current account due."

James Carter set up the same business by himself next to the White Hart and advertised on 6 January 1864 in the Press.

William's wife Ellen Lord came out on the ship Chariot of Fame which departed on 21 Oct 1862 and arrived on 29 Jan 1863.  She was named as a single dressmaker aged 19 from Yorkshire.  Of course she wasn't single but was just travelling by herself.  Her fare was largely paid by William Lord and William's business partner James Carter who were already in the province of Canterbury.  It looks as if William married Ellen and left for NZ by himself to raise the money for her to come over at a later date.  The Lord family were poor weavers so probably didn't have a lot of money. 

William and Ellen had eleven children:

Tom Lord (28-01-1864     21-04-1952)
Charles Pollard Lord (02-08-1865     1938)
William Lord (1867               1944)
George Whitworth Lord (01-05-1869    1963)
James Lawrence Lord (14-02-1871    1942)
Emily Annie Lord (10-01-1873     1947)
Sarah Ellen Lord (03-08-1874     1960)
Agnes Sophia Lord (01-10-1876     02-04-1883)
Alice Elizabeth Lord (06-05-1878     1949)
Arthur Lord (04-09-1880     1965)
Aveline Maud Lord (??-08-1883    03-10-1883)

Tom and Charles were born in Christchurch and the rest of the children born in Taradale west of Napier.  Two of the children had short lives and are buried in Napier Cemetery. 

On 16 July 1867 William Lord placed an ad in the Hawkes Bay Herald as follows:

It appears there was another William Lord living in the Napier area.  On 6 October 1886 there was an ad in the Daily Telegraph where W. Lord proprieter is advertising that he has just taken on the Greenmeadows Hotel in Taradale.  The stint as a hotelkeeper didn't last long because in the Hawkes Bay Herald on 1 October 1888 there was a list of bankruptcies for the area and a William Lord, Hotelkeeper of Taradale was listed. Further investigation shows that debts were well over 3000 pounds.

The 1893 Electoral Roll for Napier lists the Lords.  William, a well sinker, and Ellen, home duties,  with their son Tom, a saddler,  were living at Taradale along with their nephew, Ira Spencer Lord (eldest son of Jabez), a labourer.  Ira’s wife Margaret was in Auckland at this time.   William also owned two sections of land.  The 1919 Post Office Directory lists a William Lord as a ploughman living in Pakowhai Road, Hastings.

Ellen died at Taradale on 08-09-1909 and is buried with her two young daughters at Napier Public Cemetery.  On Ellen's probate William is listed as a gardener living in Taradale.  


William died at Hastings on 01-05-1922 and is buried at Hastings

Sarah Ellen Lord  (02-10-1843  -  08-07-1927)

Sarah Ellen Lord was born in Halifax, Yorkshire, England in 1843, and married George Fletcher at Bradford in England in 1864.

Below is a photo of Sarah Ellen Leatham, nee Lord.

George and Sarah had children as follows:

William Lord Fletcher (1868  -  02-04-1954)
Ada Fletcher (1871  -  07-08-1956)

Sarah emigrated to New Zealand on the Mataura arriving on  09-11-1877 at Napier,  nominated by her brother William Lord. Sarah was listed as a servant and her address was listed as 31 Mulberry Street, Atley Round, Bradford, Yorkshire, England.  She has her three children with her.  Sarah is listed on the 1893 Hawkes Bay Supplementary roll lists as a monthly nurse living in Hastings.  Before Sarah emigrated it looks like she had another child born in Bradford:
Edith Annie Fletcher (1877  -  27-05-1878)

Edith Annie was 2 months old when she boarded the Mataura in 1877 but died as a baby in the Napier area.  George Fletcher died on 27-06-1874 according to Sarah’s second marriage certificate.  This doesn’t make sense as she had Edith Annie Fletcher in 1877.  Maybe she was born to a different father. Sarah married Joseph Leatham, a baker, on 30-01-1884 at St Peter’s Church, Waipawa, New Zealand.  The 1919 NZ Post Office Directory lists Joseph Leatham as a farmer in Tahaia which is located near the towns of Otorohanga and Te Kuita.  They had one daughter:

Elizabeth Esther Leatham (22-05-1881  -  1967)

Sarah’s daughter Ada Fletcher married Albert Edwin Freemantle at her mother Sarah’s house in Hastings on 12-11-1890.  She died a year later on 10-11-1891 of phthisis (tuberculosis).  They had no children.

Sarah Leatham died on 10-07-1927 at the age of 86 and is buried in the Napier General Cemetery. 

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