Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Karl Meng's Great Uncle and Cousin

Johann Christian Meng  (13-06-1762  -  07-03-1838)

Johann Christian Meng, known as Christian Meng was a resident of Hohen-Sülzen and the son of Johann Stephan Meng and Maria Catherina Gertraud (surname unknown).  He married Katharina Barbara Stahl in Hohen-Sülzen in 1780 and had  four children that we know of.  Johann Christian was a Great Uncle to the younger Karl Philipp Meng and lived in house number 26. 

One of Johann Christian’s sons was named Johannes Meng and was also a resident of Hohen-Sülzen. 

Johannes Meng (1795  -  13-07-1873)

Johannes (a first cousin once removed to Karl Philipp Meng) married Katharina Barth on 27-06-1830 in Hohen-Sülzen.  They lived at house number 31 3/4 (now Wormerstrasse 38).  On the building is carved in stone “Built by Joh and Cha Meng 1833”. 

Johannes was an Ackersmann (farmer) and in 1855 Johannes Meng, found in his fields a Roman coin (Konstantin), rests of lances and large iron rings from Roman wagons.  The lances were destroyed by touching them. 

Johannes Meng had four children still alive when he died in 1873.  Johannes Meng’s son Philipp Meng emigrated to America in 1886.

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