Friday, 18 May 2012

The Lord Family Portrait c 1900

This family portrait of the Lord family in Christchurch, New Zealand has always fascinated me.  My Grandma had it in an old suitcase of photos.  She could name some of the people in the photo and the rest we can only guess at this stage.  If anyone can shed light on the people in the photo, please let me know. I would be extremely excited to know.  For some reason my ancestors decided to leave the backs of their photos blank which has been extremely frustrating to me and other family members.

The people in the photo are as follows:

Back Row:  Frederick William Lord, Jabez Lord, possibly Charles Lawrence Lord

Middle Row: Thomas Priestley Lord, Grace Ellen Lord (née Evans), Sarah Winfield Meng (formerly Potts, née Brown), John Cogan Lord, Alice Jane Lord (née Evans), possibly Francis Jabez Lord

Front Row: Ellen Mary Lord, Rosamond Emma Stewart, possibly Ivan Spencer Lord , Alena Elizabeth Lord (née Wilson), possibly Selwyn Rex Lord.

Taken c. 1900 location - Bealey Street was written on the back of the photo.  Fred Lord lived at 112 Bealey Street, Christchurch (now called Bealey Ave).  This is not all of the family.

16_The Lord Family

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